MS-221BT Bluetooth Speaker JY-M Maroc

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Lorsque vous souhaitez acheter une enceinte, vous pensez immédiatement à la qualité, à un son exceptionnel et à un prix abordable. Eh bien, ce haut-parleur Bluetooth portable Eonec porte cette réputation. La batterie longue durée vous offre 2 heures de le

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When you want to buy a speaker, immediately you think of quality, great sound and affordability. Well, this Eonec Portable Bluetooth Speaker carries on this reputation. The long-lasting battery provides you 2 hours of playback from any Bluetooth enabled device. It also has a 3.5mm slot so you can connect any audio device, even if it does not have Bluetooth. It also has a built-in USB cable so you can power up your phone or tablet on the go.
With 4-inch big speaker and sleek colorful backlight, the powerful stereo speaker will sound and look AMAZING. Set the perfect music scene with treble, bass and volume control. Take this speaker to your party or patio, so you can begin the fun right away. Eonec, the leader in quality sound at affordable prices!

- Portable Bluetooth speaker, with 800mAh rechargeable battery, playback time is up to 2 hours
- Easily connect to any Bluetooth enabled devices + connect via AUX Input to all non-Bluetooth devices
- Huge stereo sound with 4-inch Hi-Fi speaker, treble, bass, volume control + colorful LED light around the speakers
- Charge the speaker quickly and easily with the USB charging cable

How it works:
Simply turn on the speaker, and it's in line-in mode. Press mode key to switch line-in / BT / FM mode, and choose the mode you like, then you can enjoy it.20170426091727_21485.jpg20170426091727_48241.jpg20170426091727_90565.jpg20170426091727_77049.jpg20170426091727_23501.jpg

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